Thanks For My Kidney, Mum!

Kay’s words on why she wrote the book

In 2007 I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) –

My future, once bright with promise and possibility, suddenly became uncertain and daunting. Amid my uncertainty was an overwhelming desire to educate myself about my illness and to help others facing CKD and possible kidney transplantation surgery.

I’ve now had sixteen years living with CKD, and ten years post transplant, the kidney of which I was very fortunate to receive from my mother. I am now a mother myself to two children, both born following my transplant.

I pray that my story offers useful information and can give hope to others facing a diagnosis of CKD or another chronic health disorder. I believe there is lots we can learn from others’ lived experiences. For those who face the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth after a kidney transplant, I hope this book gives you hope and encouragement that, like me, it is possible.

Kay Allardyce author - Kosteo
Kosteo Book - Kay Allardyce author



A heartfelt and inspiring story of one young woman’s brave and adventurous attitude of living each day to the full, following a life-changing diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

In this hard-to-put-down memoir, Kay Allardyce shares her journey with CKD, describing the years leading up to and undergoing a kidney transplant. Her roller-coaster ride of emotions includes diary extracts detailing her lived experience of having a pre-emptive transplant, receiving a donated kidney from her mother and her post-operative recovery.

Undertaking a charity bike ride from London to Paris mere months after transplant surgery is just one example of Kay’s uplifting ambition to embrace the gift of life an organ donation can bring. She expresses her experience of pregnancy and giving birth to two children following her kidney transplant and offers invaluable information and sources of support for women with kidney disease.

This beautifully candid and heart-warming memoir will educate, inform and inspire you to live the life you deserve.

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