Embark on a transformative journey of recovery, core strength and flexibility with Kay's Pilates classes. Designed for both exercise and treatment, Kay's sessions focus on precise movements and mindful breathing to enhance mobility and posture. 

Whether you’re looking to alleviate back pain, improve athletic performance, or simply improve your posture and overall health, Kay’s Pilates classes offer a harmonious blend of strength and mobility challenge with a good sense of humour and fun.

Kay offers 3 options for Pilates Classes

Individual Classes

Classes can be on an individual basis, which is extremely useful if you are still working through an injury or have had some recent surgery. The class can be completely tailor made to you and what your body needs. If you would like to receive Osteopathy treatment within the session, this can be performed within the treatment room, followed by the Pilates exercise session carried out in the studio with or without the use of equipment such as the reformer machine.

Kay at Kosteo Osteopathy and Pilates

Small Group Mat Work Classes

These classes are for a maximum of six people. A small class is fantastic for beginners who really want to understand how to perform the exercises correctly, safely, and more effectively. As the classes are small, the exercises can be modified very easily to suit those in the class. Please email Kay to enquire about availability and weekly times of these classes.

Pilates floor work Kosteo

Small Group Reformer Pilates

In a maximum of five people per class, Kay offers beginner reformer Pilates classes. Please email Kay to enquire about availability and weekly times of these classes.

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